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 The "Processione dei Misteri"

I Misteri di TrapaniFor over four hundreds years every Holy Friday the tradition of the Procession of the collection of Sacred Saints of Via Crucis, known as “I Misteri” is repeated. The Procession involves a two kilometre journey in which thousands of local citizens and tourists coming from all over the world participate. The “Misteri” are a collection of twenty sculptures made of canvas, wood and glue that represent the phases of the Passion and the Death of Jesus. The statues, which stand on a wooden base, are decorated with silver jewellery and floral decorations and they are carried on the shoulders of men who transport them on the journey in the characteristic “annacata” way, a movement which the carriers stamp out to the music of the bands. The statues were designed between the XVII century and the XVIII century by local artists and they are characterised by the deep expressiveness of their faces and for the precision of their engravings. They are conserved throughout the year in the Chiesa del Purgatorio from which they emerge at 2:00 p.m. every Holy Friday, and once the Procession is over on Holy Saturday the following morning, they are returned to the church. On the day of the Procession, Trapani is transformed into a mixture of sacredness and folklore, and the town has maintained these unchanged characteristics for centuries.


Reportage fotografico sui Misteri

 Summer Opera Events
The Summer Opera Events have been organised at Villa Margherita for over five hundred years by the Luglio Musicale Trapanese (July Musical Corporation of Trapani), chaired by the mayor of the town. The most famous shows with exceptional casts takes place in the outdoor theatre in the public villa, dedicated to the tenor Giuseppe Di Stefano. For some years the July Musical Corporation of Trapani also organises the Winter Opera Events and the Prose Events, held at the University’s Auditorium of the Province. Several initiatives have been carried out during the years by the corporation: The International Competition “The young and the opera” dedicated to Giuseppe Di Stefano, which has launched a number of young singers onto the international scene; the School Theatre Project, aimed at bringing students onto the stage. The shows staged by the Luglio Musicale Trapanese have met with great success in the most important theatres in Italy and abroad. 

Ente Luglio Musicale Trapanese


The Feast day of Sant’Alberto and the Feast of the Madonna of Trapani

The Feast day of Sant’Alberto, patron saint of the town, is celebrated on 7 August. Several happenings are organised. The bust of the Saint is carried in a procession from the Basilica dell’Annunziata, where it is conserved, to the Cathedral where it remains until 9 August. A second procession, which is highly impressive, takes place along the streets of the historical centre. On 16 August the Feast of Madonna of Trapani is celebrated, the co-patron on the town.
The celebrations which are particularly felt by the people of Trapani end on the night of 16 August with the traditional fire work display.

Environmental Days

Every year the Municipality organises a calendar full of events which take place from July until September. Classical music and pop music shows are held every evening; theatrical shows are performed, and other shows are organised in several areas of the town. Last summer an outdoor cinematographic show was held at Villa Pepoli which was organised by the Municipality and by the Ente Luglio Musicale of Trapani. This will now be an annual event.

 Environmental Days
Every year the Municipality schedules some Sundays on which the Giornate Ecologiche (Environmental Days) take place. The main roads of the town are closed to traffic and shows are organised as well as bicycle rides and outdoor lectures about the environment which are put together with the support of schools and voluntary associations.



Festeggiamenti della Madonna di Trapani e di Sant'Alberto "Patrono di Trapani"


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